Here’s The Counterintuitive Part — I Didn’t Even Talk Much About My Company Or What We Do In The Article.

How to Build an SEO Strategy to Completely Dominate Your Market I’ve been in the digital marketing industry for 18 years, so I’m well known here, but I’ve recently started focusing on providing our digital marketing services to businesses in the construction industry, where initially, no one knew me. I set out to change that, and as a result of my efforts, I was asked to become a contributor for two large construction publications and was recently quoted at length in The Huffington Post about how military veterans are helping to solve the construction industry’s hiring challenges . I was even able to get that reporter to include several influential people I knew from the construction industry in that article, which created tremendous exposure for them in a top-tier publication. I didn’t ask them for anything. I didn’t say, “If you do this for me, I’ll do that for you.” I simply encouraged the reporter to include them because their opinions on the topic were relevant and valuable. It improved the story for the publication’s audience. But here’s what happened as a result — I immediately became more valuable to those people, and they immediately shared the article with their contacts. (Remember we talked earlier about how everyone loves positive media attention?) Now, instead of me telling people in my seo first page google guaranteed target market how great I am, the people they already know and look up to are doing it for me. Here’s the counterintuitive part — I didn’t even talk much about my company or what we do in the article. And that particular article only scratches the surface, because in addition to being quoted regularly by business publications like Forbes, The Huffington Post and Fortune, I now have the opportunity to regularly demonstrate my expertise to my target market through their own trade publications. You simply can’t buy that kind of trust.

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